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CIIS Ltd...

CIIS Limited are a specialist electrical engineering company with over 20 years experience working for the insurance industry.

We offer nation-wide coverage and on this aspect, an additional strength of CIIS is that in most cases where possible, the majority of the claims are handled by our own personnel; with a large percentage (90%+ of brown goods) collected by CIIS and not contractors or couriers, further we are particularly skilled in the inspection of both Brown and IT equipment.

An additional strength is our in house training to handlers to improve communication, and the understanding of the content of the report provided.

In addition to the above training we offer post report support to claims handlers to ensure that reports etc. are interpreted accurately and there is no distortion of the meaning as a result of communication.

To assist with the above all reports are created and produced by the engineers themselves.

We offer repair, replacement, validation and inspection services.

Mission statement

To treat both the insurers and policy holders fairly.